Westminster: Art Exhibition

My Future Westminster is an exhibition of children’s art using drawings, paintings and collages exploring the themes of My Future Self and Westminster in the Future. The exhibition is the first of its kind at Paddington Central and can be seen in the ground floor area at 2 Kingdom Street from Tuesday 22 January to Friday 8 February.

Artist Alix Smith has worked with four Westminster primary schools to create a cityscape that includes flying cars and buses; houses shaped like pineapples and strawberries and people moving around by zip-wire or hot air balloons.

The children’s worldview is mainly optimistic, though some have explored darker themes including the sun exploding, the city being taken over by pigs and plastic filling up the oceans.


The children describe their artwork

This is a water world because all of the plastic has pushed all waters into the cities and everyone worked together to build this world. Everything has become colourful and it’s all free. No money. No school. Everyone doing it their own way. Everyone is happy and enjoying their life. There are still shops and activities for your kids to do. Having fun is your goal and being sad is our enemy. Come now and be free.


In my picture my sun has a face and all of the buildings are in the air. I have portals. I have my own Big Ben called Small Sally, with ‘Tanisha’s Town is Da Best’. I have gardeners, floating classrooms and a huge shopping mall with famous retail shops. You can travel in the hot air balloon for £2. The restaurant gives poor people food at the end of the day. It is also compulsory to learn self defence. On the orange bridge, you can put locks and chains on it. We have loads of bushes, hence our garden house and we grow fresh produce every day for the restaurant.

Tanisha, year 6

My picture is about my future world. In my future world, the houses are like fruit – strawberries, pineapples, etc. I also have different shapes for the houses as well. The people travel around on zip wires. You get a zip wire and you speak on the microphone and say where you want to go and it takes you there.

Olivia, year 6

People were living their lives but then one day the sun blew up. Only the governments of the earth escaped to space – they left 6 months before it all happened. The cost of escaping then was £1bn and most people couldn’t pay. Soon after they burned to their deaths, rays of nuclear waste destroying their puny little organisms. The only thing that is left is volcanoes and nuclear dust. This is what I have drawn.

Damien, 10

My visions of the future of Westminster will be that everything will be made from glass, gold, silver and bronze. The energy power supply will be produced by melting gold. Westminster will be called West Gold and it will have a lot of gold structures decorated by leopard print gold. The most brilliant highlight of the city will be the pumpkin on the hill and the silver shard.

Emi, year 6

Pig City is a city taken over by pigs. At the bottom of the city I have an eco-friendly park containing plants. Above that I have Pig Inc., a building for pigs to be free.  Next to Pig Inc., I have the emergency centre which contains the police, a fire station and an ambulance all in one. On the other side I have houses for pigs to live with their humans. Above that I have a non-polluted sky.

Anna, 11


22 January 2019 - 8 February 2019
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